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The Hope Society, INC.

Recovery...Are you ready?

Hope Dealer Since 2017

The Hope Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving women, women with children and pregnant women who are impacted by incarceration, mental illness and trauma dealing with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. A professional team of counselors, case managers, and volunteers are here to provide emotional support, education and referrals to our residents.   

Our Women's Program

Our Sober Mommas Program

How our sober living works...

The Hope Society’s transitional housing programs help women overcome the practical, emotional, and financial challenges they face and transition into permanent housing. Our comprehensive services are designed for the whole person and the whole family to permanently break the cycle of addiction and homelessness for this generation and the next.

Through Hope Society's program, the ladies will learn to utilize the tools of recovery to achieve the life they have always imagined, but never thought possible. Studies indicate that the greatest chance for relapse occurs during the first 90 days of sobriety, but temptation is always a possibility. SOBRIETY IS A FULL- TIME, LIFE-LONG JOB! To help clients achieve sustainable recovery, our addiction specialists prepare our residents for the future with relapse prevention education and aftercare plans specific to them and their life.

While engaging in our program the residents will learn about themselves, as well as what and who they would like to become. They become empowered to reach inside and find their inner truth, allowing them to do the work necessary to gain the comfort they need for themselves and their future. They will be coached and guided by our staff, mentors and volunteers, enabling them to gain the independence they desire. Hope Society’s residents will learn to be a part of their community not only while at home, but also as an active member in society, through learning about accountability and what it means to have lasting healthy relationships.

Recovery is a Journey


Every T-Shirt sold will help us reach more women & women with children 

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